Tyler Baltierra Slams Wife Catelynn’s Weight


MTV star Tyler Baltierra fat-shamed his wife Catelynn Lowell just days after she returned from rehab from reportedly battling depression and anxiety.

Tthe couple were out eating, and Tyler said to Catelynn, “You’re really indulging.” With Catelynn responding, “Stop being a d**k.”

Tyler responded by saying that he couldn’t understand what she was saying because she had food in her mouth. Catelynn replied saying, “Quit being mean! It’s not nice.”

Fans started blasting Tyler on Twitter for his treatment of Catelynn. “The way you talk to her is not the way you talk to someone when you’re coming from a loving or supportive place,” one user tweeted, as another commented, “Omg that is so wrong. Can you imagine how deeply that hurt?”

This isn’t the first time Baltierra has mocked Catelynn’s weight. During the season premiere, he called his wife a heifer.

“That’s a big a** quesadilla, it has a lot of chicken,” he said in the scene. “It’s your body, you could do what you want. Obviously I don’t want no heifer for a wife!”

When a producer called Baltierra “harsh” for the comment, he responded, “I’m being honest! Would you want to be married to some big heifer?”

Baltierra defended his comments at the time by tweeting, “Currently in therapy to work on my delivery of messages and opinions. Yes I know I’m a prick, but I admit it instead of defend it.”

I hope for the sake of their child that they can start to understand each other better and not resort to this type of behavior.

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