RHOC Stars on Social Media Lockdown


According to RadarOnline, the entire cast of RHOC has been so hateful and mean to each other that the Bravo production staff sent a letter to each one of them demanding silence on social media.

Part of the letter stated, “The social media viciousness has gone too far and you need to cool it. Specifically we’re asking you to stop attacking each other. The network is upset and so are we in production.”

“The constant, ugly fighting is a bad look for you, and bad for the show,” it reads. “You may not like each other, may not trust each other and often wish you weren’t on the show together – but taking shots at each other on social media isn’t the answer. Save it for the show… for the reunion… and please stop fighting so dirty.”

Who knew that Bravo has a line that you can’t cross.

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