RHOC Kelly Dodd Intense Past Revealed


RHOC star Kelly Dodd has had some of her past being brought to the light and the newest allegation is that she physically and verbally attacked her ex’s new fiancée.

This incident actually took place on September 10th, 2015 at Dodd’s daughter’s school, of all places.

“Dodd entered the classroom and confronted Heidi Delgadillo about a verbal argument both had at the school the previous day,” the report obtained from the Newport Beach Police Department. “Dodd was enraged as she began arguing and started it by saying, ‘F**k you b***h, you’re nothing but a stripper’ and began waving money in front of Delgadillo.”

According to Dodd, she told police that Delgadillo “dug her nails into her arm.” The officer then went to speak with Delgadillo. “While speaking with Delgadillo I observed several red and dark markings on her inner right arm,” the report followed up saying, “The markings appeared to be scratches that were beginning to bruise.”

The officer noted that Dodd had “several markings on her lower right forearm.”

Four days later Dodd filed a restraining order against Delgadillo on September 14th, 2015.

In this report Dodd states that, “She (Delgadillo) says, ‘Look at your fake bag,’” Dodd wrote in the filing. “I in turn said, ‘Look at your fake hair, fake boobs and fake lips.’ She in turn digs her nails into my arm, in defense I put my nails into her.”

The restraining order was denied, but this is just another problem from the past Dodd is having to relive along with her martial problems she is dealing with on the show.

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