Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Marriage Falling Apart?


Even with a stint in rehab for 30 days Teen Mom 2 star Catelynn Lowell can’t seem to quit smoking weed, even while having marital issues with her husband Tyler Baltierra. In the latest episode of the show, we learn what is causing a strain on the couple’s marriage.

“I learned a lot of crap everyday,” Catelynn said to Tyler and Mother-in-Law Kim. “We had classes and stuff you had to go to. I haven’t had a trigger.”

Kim not buying it, says back to Catelynn, “I could’ve sworn the other day you were high. You’ve been smoking haven’t you?”

Catelynn answered, “It’s something I probably won’t talk about because I don’t want the whole world to know.”

Kim who then looked very concerned turned to her son Tyler.

Tyler responded by saying, “I have kept my mouth shut, cause she’s responsible for her and I’m responsible for me.”

Catelynn finished by saying “I feel like my mental illness ruins everything, my life would be so much better if I wasn’t around.”

Tyler ended by saying, “I can’t do this forever, no way!”

RadarOnline, has a clip of what went down on the latest episode of TM2.

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